Star spotting

Edward- thank-you. I just thought it was me being as deaf as a post, but it was cos Precious mumbled ,I couldn’t hear her. To me the film was thought provoking – stereotyping/the ease of pulling the wool over a social workers eyes/the importance of self worth. Her daughter ( esp. her name) broke my heart. I didn’t realise it was Lenny Kravitz- and theres you thinking its a young Witney Houston.

I’m coffee’d out . this pm went walking and coffeeing in Petersham Nurseries – supposedly Madonna’s favourite place to eat in london. A load of tosh ( probably put about by The Manager of PN ). No sign of Madge , but we did see a distressed chest for £1,250 . Then this am , after coffee in the newly refurbed Carluccios, I spotted Linda Robson- I love her country and western music .

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