Stick to your school dinners

Today I’m sinking a bit – 9 years ago at 6.30 this morning ,Jane died…so I’ve been for a swim to get my head in gear and now I’ll get outside and walk.

Yesterday Flo and I set ourselves up for a treat , or so we thought. Lunch at the new Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant – it came highly recommended – well by a person who was having an interview at St Ann’s on Wed and came to the art room to mix some cold water paste ( don’t ask ) in preparation. Well it was pants- so slow looked a right old mish mash ,and the starter platter thing ( Jamie calls it a plank – maybe that’s Jules’ pet name for him ) wasn’t a patch on Carluccio’s, plus i think the kitchen had lost the garlic, salt . pepper and decent olive oil. Where was Norah ( remember her ? )when you need her ? Had a better meal chez Mandy’s on Sat night- with not a turkey twizzler in sight

So Lorna , I feel plan B coming on ……………….

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  1. I’ve been thinking of all our fun times with Jane today – the mad times at Blenheim Park Rd, crazy day trips to France, great days and evenings in Corfu, the slow trip in the snow to see you guys in Birmingham and kiwi madness – think we wore her wheelchair out in a couple of weeks when she was downunder… so many side splitting laughs, although that could have been the gin speaking; still miss her heaps xxxx

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