Stu- any relation ?

I know I said I wouldn’t do politics, but don’t you feel sorry for Gordon? Haven’t we all been guilty of doing something like that ?

I remember when I was a kid and listened to radio’s Saturday mornings ‘Junior Choice’ . The presenter ( pre Ed Stewpot Stewart ) said ”and now I’m going to play the most requested song of the week – ‘Puff The magic Dragon’ .” He then forgot to turn his mike off and said out loud ” that should keep the little bastards quiet for the next 3 minutes”. End of his radio career.

About 23 years ago , I had do the commentary for The School where I was workings’ swimming gala. I did the same dam thing , except I said to my colleague sitting next to me ” what are you having for dinner tonight?”. One of the parents ,in the balcony , shouted back ”sausage and chips”. Thank god I only said that – it could have been a lot worse .

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