Summer 2013

I’m feeling a bit sick about going back to work .

You know the type ,not actually throwing up ,but stomach churning and feeling nervous and icky and a bit apprehensive , but knowing it’ll all be OK once you get there .Sadly ,my lovely reliable, kind, generous and like me ,damaged ( her husband ,Pete, died ,4 months before Rosie – we used to call him my twin as he was born on the 15th March 1958 ) artroom assistant has left to work in another school .I will miss her dearly , especially our hugs and tears at the end of the day .We were good emotional props for each other .But …I’m sure I’ll be given someone else lovely and kind who will help me with displays and stuff .

In my head ,I apologise to Rosie before saying this , because it is not the same without her and I would have forgone all of it to have her here … but this summer has been amazing .Of course the weather helped ,but I am lucky enough to have done some wonderful things with some kind ( I go back to that word a lot – as to me ,it matters more than anything else ) , funny , adventurous people – I’ve campervanned in Eype and Hurley , bed and breakfasted in Whitstable ( eating at Wheelers and Jojo’s , walking to Herne Bay, swimming in the sea , watching the sunset at The Neptune Pub) , had days out in Worthing, Broadstairs , Eastbourne and Cambridge, barbecued like crazy , ate and drunk far too much and been to Africa with the people I love most in the world …

I am still pinching myself about that trip .I loved it,loved it ,loved it .I would like us all to go back – do more, see more ,care more . So last night , around eleven , I picked up 3 Italian students , the Africa money-box has re-opened.

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  1. oh, does this mean we might even see each other there – i’m now saving too, all because of your larger than life descriptions; and hope the dread of starting back to school quickly disappears x

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