Sunday afternoon at 106

After 2 late nights yahooing ( and a few tears ) , then meeting ,greeting and orienteering 3 Italian students ,I was pooped and so yesterday afternoon I binge watched ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’ .I don’t even like sewing . I was thrown out of The Brownies for protesting too loudly about Brown Owl wanting us to make something every week , when all I wanted to do was dance around the toadstool with my six ,The Imps. I was then thrown out of The Guides for not going to church . Secretly I think Grandma was quite proud ..

But up there , above my dislike of sewing , is my hatred of ironing .Now I loathe that – I don’t even like to see someone else iron . I can’t bear the smell of it , the look of it , the dry sound of it .The touch of that taut starchy cover ( even worse when we had a metallic one ) . About 4x a year John irons a shirt , it’s like a covert operation .He takes the ironing board in another room and shuts the door .It’s weird , but I think I’ve worked out why …… when I was in junior school my mum worked nights .Dad and I would take her to work at 8pm and she would return the next morning just before I left for school . I would return from school , bursting with stuff to tell her , and in my mind ,nine times out of ten , she’d be ironing with the Radio 4 play on and a fag in her hand …now I can’t ever listen to a Radio 4 play and I dislike smoking . Not quite neglect ,but it used to hack me off !

Anyway ,I’ve fallen in love with ‘Sewing Bee’ , but it is top-trumped by the best programme of the week ‘Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the year ‘ – it’s like an hour of heaven , even though the judges have got it wrong twice this series .

….’The Great Pottery Throw-down’ comes pretty close

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