Susie was making natural dyes

It’s lovely to have a full house .

It all kicked off Sunday Eve. A big group of Rosie’s lovely friends ( and 1 of Jacobs’ and 1 of Izzy’s ), made fabulous food, and brought it round for a BBQ and a table tennis tournament .I only mention that ,cos Liam and I won it. All went pear shaped last night , when I played him and he thrashed me- I should have taken my coach’s ( Jacob ) advice when he said that a successful doubles team should never play each other.Then Florence thrashed me ,so that’s put an end to another sporting career and I went in and watched ‘I caught it abroad’.Which made me start to consider a career change. I want to be that nurse that suffocates the wiggly fat slug buried under the skin , by covering the the air hole in the skin with Vaseline, waiting 24 hours and then squeezing the skin so hard , the grub pops out.How satisfying is that ?.

Then last night Susie cooked up a treat – not to eat, but more an all round olfactory and visual experience. She prepared, salted and boiled about 20kgs of beetroots and 2 red cabbages. The house smelt lovely ( ? ) this morning .At first I wasn’t sure if it was just Jacob’s trainers he left in the hall.But when I saw the vats of dye all packed and sealed ready to take , I knew it was boiled and sieved veggies. Kate, Liam and Susie are staying as the Final Year Newcastle Fine Art Students are bringing their exhibition to London. So if you are free Friday and Saturday this week , please do pop along to shoreditch Town hall. As I’ve said before , their work is beautiful.

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