Techno goes crazy

I’m asking you all do do a little anti-snow dance tonight. Your little ritual can take any form it likes- dancing naked around your Christmas tree ( particularly seasonal as its soon for the chop ) / rubbing raw garlic on your gums / burning a £1 vanilla scented Ikea ( pretending to be Jo Malone one , even though they cost £31 ) candle you had in your stocking. The reason being we are flying off to Istanbul on Thursday to see our poorly little tin soldier and we don’t want our plane to be delayed or grounded. Jacob is resting, rehydrating and dosing himself up for the big Tabla Challenge . All send him lots of cyber love.

Did some training on the sound beam today , it is fab . It looks like a microphone , but directs a sound beam onto someone and so when they make the tiniest of movements ( even a blink ) they create music. So the most disabled of people can make their own music.For once in their life they have something they can control , equally they can choose not to make sounds . So , put 8 members of staff in a sensory room , give them a piece of technical , musical, loud , fun equipment , 100 choices of tempo and you have a banker….hilarious results !

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  1. sounds amazing! I’d love to have a go at it! where is this sound beam?feeling a bit better after my roasted peppers and garlic. fingers crossed things will keep improving.x

  2. The sound beams at work . I’m glad you’re feeling a little perkier- keep drinking water and try to sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. THE SOUNDBEAM!!! How I loved/loathed that piece of equipment! I loved the effects but could never quite get my head round the technicalities of taking it to the next level even tho’ I went on more than one course! So if you’ve cracked it, Rachel, go for it and I wish I was there to work it with you – what fun we would have ….!

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