testin izzy P.

Sadly , Izzy has come clean on Rosie’s message board and asked the question about the egg. She is obviously not reading this magnum opus everyday . i will txt her later with a cryptic question ( eg how many babies do i have ) and let yo know if she knows the correct answer.

Unfortunately my bamboo pole wasnt long enough to reach Mike’s pond, so i’ll have to go round with a bucket.

Jacob and I are off to the depths of Thornton heath to take Grandmama out . I managed to get her ‘Bless the Bride’ on CD- i’ll leave the job of teaching her to use the CD walkman to Jacob ….anyone got one with big knobs ?

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  1. Ooohh out of loyalty should i text her to let her know shes going to be tested?! On second thoughts, it’d be funnier if she gets caught out. Let us know how she does. x

  2. ahh!! I don’t know what’s going on?!! Rachel you’ve got the hang of the blog more than me, there are so many pages and i’m clicking frantically everywhere to post a reply somewhere-found it though. Frankly the cryptic question confused me NO ENDS. but now scanning through the blog i will answer 6. i still don’t understand how you sold a creme egg for £2. 
    your blogs make me laugh though Rachel-even though i don’t always understnad what is going on. xxxx

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