Thank God there weren’t A*’s when I was taking them

A Levels are out today .I wake up , hear that one sentence on the radio ,and my mind takes me straight back to 4 years ago in our little chalet ( hut ) we were holidaying in in Spain .Jacob and Rosie had flown back the previous Sunday , having sensibly thought 10 days in a hut with the parents could destroy the positive relationship we once had .They had been replaced by Natalie and Fiona, to ensure that Florence wasn’t stuck with us for a week thus destroying the pos ….etc etc .Rosie phoned , she was so so very happy with her results .We were so so happy with her results .But ,I have to add that although I am very proud of all the results our three children have achieved , I couldn’t tell you now what subjects they are in,let alone the grades .It is all so important at the time ,but now seems to have gone into that melting pot of stuff in my head.Its all a big GCSE/A level blur .

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