Thank you Andrea ps John and I visited Luss Church and both said ‘what a beautiful place to get married’- how weird is that !

I returned to this lovely email….
”Hi Rachel,

On Friday Maggie and I came to London for the day-(I know….who would visit London on a Friday in august??!!)

We went to Buckingham Palace to see a few of the Queens clothes-amazing but sooo busy and had decided to have the afternoon in Kew Gardens. Time ran away with us so we couldn’t make it but both of us decided we wanted to be out and about in the fresh air so went to Kensington Gardens and then on to Hyde Park.

By chance we came across the Isis sculpture and I remember reading that Rosie had a plaque there. I told Mags her story and we searched for her name which she found.

We just had a moment-a quiet thought- just me and my daughter and a little smile at the wording you chose-particularly lovely as we have a Maggie Grace.

As I didn’t know Rosie I didn’t think it appropriate to write on her blog about our visit but wanted you to know that on Friday afternoon you were all in our thoughts….

Andreaxx ”

I checked with Andrea it was OK to cut and paste this onto Rosie’s blog, and so I have , and please never ever feel it inappropriate to right on this blog – I always like to know she is being thought about

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