Thank you Darren for the lovely photos

Let me just say the wonderful holiday we had , ended with Florence being rather poorly .
In respect to her I do not want to say too much .
In respect to us, no questions, just love.

I hope the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche was right when he said “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”
I’ve done some research ( 1 click on google ) and it turns out he was .

Studies have shown that some trauma survivors report positive changes and enhanced personal development, called post traumatic growth (PTG). PTG refers to any beneficial change resulting from a major life crisis or traumatic event, but people most commonly experience a positive shift by having a renewed appreciation for life; adopting a new world view with new possibilities for themselves; feeling more personal strength; feeling more satisfied spiritually, and/or their relationships improve.

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  1. They are, indeed, lovely photos – full of energy and fun. And, so nice to see Joan on the one around the dinner table xxxx

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