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Yesterday while I was putting Jane’s lovely little twig Christmas tree up ,I listen to The Archbishop of Canterbury,Justin Welbys’ ,Desert Island Discs.

I wanted to like him ,but, he annoyed me straight away ,when he said he, as head of the Church of England, was against gay marriage.

But about the fourth song in ,he started talking about the sudden death ( in a road traffic accident ) of his 7month old daughter,Johanna , and from then ,he spoke great sense..

I grabbed my pen and jotted down a few notes , so forgive me ,if I’ve got his words slightly wrong .

Talking of significant dates ,Johanna’s Birthday ,the day she died , Christmas etc , he said ” if you don’t attack it , it will attack you .Whether you have faith or not is irrelevant .The most helpful thing is to celebrate the person .To remember them with love.To remember what they gave and what you gave back ”

And so this year ,like all the other five years, we did celebrate Rosie’s life , and for me it is important that we do it together….so on the 21st we went to The Isis ,lunched at The Serpentine , punched each other at the Julio le Parc exhibition , rearranged the chairs (not ) at the Reiner Ruthenbeck exhibition, shopped in Uniglo , went to a pub for pre-drinks where for the first time a pint was over £7 (!) , ate at The BFI , marvelled at The Soiree and soaked up the amazing London skyline .
That was how we attacked it .

I have no doubt ,Rosie was with us every minute of the day .

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