Thank you Jo

On the 3rd march this year ,Rosie’s lovely friend Jo Cummins emailed me this….”I was walking through Hyde Park the other day and there is a new memorial statue right by The Serpentine, it’s a huge metal swan type bird, and round the bottom peoples names and small notes are spiraling outwards from its base. I don’t know whether this is something you’d find fitting for a memorial type place for Rosie, just thought I’d let you know. Hope you are well ”. To be honest ( and pathetic), I couldn’t take it on board at the time .BUT a few weeks later I was walking in Hyde Park with my friend Mandy ,and she was planning her summer scheme of distraction therapy for me , the second one being , us swimming in The Serpentine ( what a shock it never happened ), when we came across the said sculpture ,’The Isis’ . Jo was right , it is beautiful , and the inscriptions around the bottom are all so different .They are NOT memorial plaques , but ,on the whole , messages of love. So John, Jacob ,Florence and I all went up there- and we all loved it . For us the sculpture,plaques and location are wonderful .Rosie loved London and when I took her up to Hyde park , she loved the Princess Diana circular water thingey – The Isis ( who is the Egyptian goddess of nature ) is located between that and The Serpentine. So now she has her own gift from us . I won’t tell you what we wrote , I’d like you to find out for yourselves . but please if you do go , do me a favour , take a photo of yourselves by it and send me a copy .Once again , for me , it keeps her alive in peoples hearts. Rosie loved London , and her plaque couldn’t be more central. So in the summer ,we will organise a gathering, picnic , game of rounders up there- everyone welcome.That is where we went on 21st December.

Now, back to the present. Santa came to our house on Christmas day and made Thor, Frig and Gro very happy .It has been wonderful having them plus Sarah and Kristian to stay. Grandma is happy , we all spent Christmas morning with her , and then today she took us all out to The Dulwich Woodhouse for lunch. I drove the mini-bus , and Sarah B, says we look like a bunch of evangelistic Christians ( but don’t sound like them ). I think the holiday hits have been the indoor fireworks and the potato gun ( don’t ask – the house is covered with small bits of potato ) and John’s bike tool kit which comes with a man ( kristian ) who shows him how to use it . Tomorrow we are all off for a romp and a winter picnic in Rosie’s woods .

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