Thank you JPD x

A big thank you to my man Johnnie for talking me to the wonderful city of Florence for my birthday – it was fab and hot and bustling and beautiful and joyful .

We ate boiled beef in buns , sesame and honey icecream , drank Negronis and Campapri spritzers and saw David and other famous paintings, sculptures, frescoes , chapels , courtyards,cloisters and churches and more art and ate more seafoody stuff and climbed 424 steps up the Duomo Campanile ( bloody zumba hasn’t increased my lung capacity one jot ) .

But my favourite bit was climbing up to the peaceful, calm , beautiful and green Forte di Belvedere ……..old Kim Kardiasicardigan and Kanye got spliced there – which on paper , made it a bit sound a bit chavtastic – but it wasn’t .It was understated and beautiful with a view of the city one side and the rolling Tuscan hills the other . No-one seems to go thereA great place for a game of Scrabble

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  1. Funny you should say that – my photos are particularly good of the The Pont Vecchio _ I was rather proud !

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