Thank You to the British Rail Transport Police ,who let me travel free.

Lots of stuff happened yesterday , some of it a bit weird. At the start of the hols, Mandy and I penciled in the 11th for a long cliff top walk. It might sound crazy , but I feel closest to Rosie and Jane when I am near the sea. I love the Seaford to Cuckmere Haven , The Seven Sisters, Broadstairs to Margate ones and so I left it to Mand to chose a different ‘foolproof , never to get lost on’ (as it happened we got lost in St.Pancras Station ) walk. The other thing you need to know, is that ,sadly on 30th July ,Martin O’Neil youngest son of Rita and Jack ,died. He was 6 weeks younger than me. Our families lived opp. each other in St.Oswald’s Road and we holidayed in Devon together. The last fateful holiday was when Martin and I were around 7 .We fought like cat and dog , til I pinned him down and bit him all up his arm . he retaliated by shutting my head in some sliding doors – that was the end of that beautiful relationship ! Anyway ,last week , his brother David sent me details of Martin’s funeral – but I just could not face going….Now , back to the walk – we’d climbed the cliff, picnic’ d by the lighthouse, sat on the beach at St Margaret’s Bay, climbed another cliff , sat on a bench looking out at the most beautiful aqua sea, sang our songs , printed off by me -‘White Cliffs of Dover ‘( obvious choice ) , ‘American Pie’ ( so many verses )- then walked on and on and on until we saw a buzz of activity and ,still on the coastal path , we found ourselves 2 metres away from ‘Walmer and Kingsdown Golf Club’ , where the party to celebrate Martin’s life, continued. Do you think that’s spooky ? So in all our glory – sweat,walking boots, rucksacks etc, we briefly joined the celebration, chatted to David ( Martins Brother and loyal visitor to Grandmama ), Janet ,Martin’s wife and his beautiful twin daughters . Then we exited ,back onto the cliff and stopped for a drink, walked into Deal, got lost, then realised I’d lost my purse , complete with train ticket,credit cards, Oystercard, Kew card , £50 credit note from ‘Office shoeshop’ etc etc, but worst of all photos of my 3 beautiful children.

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  1. Ooooo.. what an awful thing to happen at the end of an eventful and moving day. Don’t give up hope about your purse though,there are some very kind people out there. I was hurrying down Oxford St recently with this chap running behind me,we both kept getting quicker until he managed to get infront of me (grrr) .I was ready with my ‘thanks but I gave yesterday’stock reply until he handed me my credit card/oyster/driving licence/railcard which had all fallen out of my back pocket.He couldn’t shake me off then as I went a bit over the top with my thanks…….

  2. Can’t,the Restraining Order won’t let me. I’m not even allowed to sit in the car outside his house anymore….

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