Thanks again Bert x

I hope you’ve all pressed your Ctrl & F5 buttons to refresh the page…another heartstopping moment. I find I have to do lots of sharp intakes of breath when i see an unfamiliar photo of my beautiful older daughter.Mind you i think Rosie would prefer the one with the menu to the one in the bikini!

Flo’s op went well today – it is very hard for us to go back to West Mid, but all the staff were lovely and the proceedure was done under ‘local’ so Flo could eat, drink and come back and catch up on Strictly/Derren/A liverpool comp does Grease/CoachTrip /Come dine/Some bloke walking in his pants in sud zero temps/ project catwalk / open university ( that ones a red herring ) and now Nat has arrived with extra supplies of choccie and harribos!

We had the chevvy for 3 years and I never made a mark on it . We have the new car,Merv , for 2 days and I rip the tyre open on the kerb……….I remember when Rosie passed her test and 3 days later she asked if she could borrow the chevvy to take Helen out for coffee, I said yes , thinking they’d go to Cafe Gold or Roccoco or somewhere local . They came back 4 hours later , having gone to Notting Hill ! I am so glad she did all that stuff , now. God i miss her.

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