Thanks Bert x

Yes that is a beautiful photo of Rosie and Grandma ,in fact,Grandma has it on her wall at Uplands .When I’m there lots of people asks who Rosie is ( they’ve met her other grandchildren -Jacob,Florence,Nicolai, Sarah and Victoria) and when I tell them ,they feel sad or embarressed or pity – I’m never quite sure which .Last week another visitor ,Sally,asked me.I told her about Rosie and she told me ,she too had a daughter who died , her name was Rebecca. Today I had a text from Sally ,saying her 98year old Mum,Vera, died peacefully last night .So sadly ,I won’t be seeing Sally again .She gave me a photo of Rebecca, so I have it on my cupboard wall – I have to believe she is with Rosie .

Anyway ,back to THAT photo .It was taken on Christmas day ,2007 .We had 32 people round to our house for late morning drinks .It was buzzing .The champagne flowed and John made a lovely speech .Ian’s dad Doug, had just turned 80 ,so we sang to him and John talked about how lovely it was for us all to be celebrating Christmas together, from Frig and Gro, aged 3 to Grandmama aged 86 . Grandma’s classic line was ,when Mairi came up to talk to her , ‘At last I’m talking to someone with a sensible haircut ‘ !

Moving on……….I’ve been manually handled today – up in a hoist ,blindfolded and earmuffed up and pushed around in a wheelchair .Now i’m qualified to do the same to others ( only been doing it since I was 11 )!

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