Thanks to Susie for organising The Meal.

John,Florence and I have just returned , pooped and bowled over by Jacob and his contemporaries final exhibition. Some of the pieces were beautiful and moved me to tears .None more so than the ‘River of Mud’ and ‘Salmon’ , Jacob’s 2 films.The examiners are in tomo , so I wish Jacob and all his pals the best of luck.
Right here we go …this is what we did( it may sound like a self-indulgent diatribe, but it is infact brain gym, helping me to recall and sequence stuff )……..
6 hour drive ( 2 loo and coffee stops – I know , too much information ),checked in, popped into the Uni and saw Jacob ( closed eyes so as not to spoil tomos surprise ), John cycled into Northumberland, Florence and I went to the Baltic , exhibitions closed for day so had to force ourselves to drink Prosecco , overlooking The Tyne and watching water skiers and jet skiers- booked lessons for tomo. Met Jacob , Chinese dins in Hei Heis.
On Fri we took stuff into the Uni for Jacob and then drove/cycled to Tynemouth Beach, it was boiling .Picnic’ d , had Pimms in the Cricket Club and went into the first night of the exhibition- toooooooo much to begin writing about.Then 47 of us went out to dinner.Jacob and all his friends each made a speech- it was fabulous, happy and moving. Then we staggered to the Quayside were they’d hired a bar ,where everyone partied til 3 am . We came out feeling very overdressed ( i.e. we had some on ) by Newcastle standards.
On Sat we went to the coast , snoozed , and then went back and walked around the exhibition, which was lovely and peaceful and beautiful and still so very moving .Then we drove into Nothumberland ,walked by the Tyne ,saw the locations in ‘The Salmon’ ,drank real ale and ate pubgrub.Then back to The Cumberland Arms. Drove back today – boohoo.The exhibition is coming to Whitechapel in July , so loads of you will be able to see it then .hopefully jacob will broadcast the details.

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