That coach trip couldn’t have been easy

Thank you to Rosie’s friend,Ruby ,and her partner Vikky , who while working in Mombassa took an 18hour coach trip to Bungoma to visit The Southend Academy . Last night they came to supper , to share their stories and show us their photos .Rosie’s blue and red plaques are still there and there is one picture of her in the classroom .The students have produced some beautiful art work and their new teacher is a young man called David.It was a very special trip that they made,a lot of effort they went to and means a lot to us .( although I was slightly disappointed Vikky didn’t bring us any footage of the popping of ‘the boil’ ! ).

Today Jacob,Florence ,Freya and I are going on a mini-break to Lincoln especially to see Jacob’s film in the exhibition ‘The World is Almost Six Thousand Years Old’. I’m very exciting , I love a good old root round a new city .

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  1. Just done a waitressing shift for an event for young dentists(all under 30). Reminded me so much of the mental dentals they were going crazy! lots of gals doing shots and one of them was sick in an ice bucket! didn’t realise before it was sucha crazy profeshion. made me really miss fresh meat xxx

  2. Just read this comment so its probably too late….hope you loved Lincoln-and gave me a wave from the Cathedral which, at a push, I can walk to from my house.And …did you buy some sausage, cheese and plum loaf(no one knows why its called that as there are no plums in it!)

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