2 Replies to “Thats me …and Nick Woodbridge”

  1. If you do get one of those motorised scooters,bare in mind that you can get into most Exhibitions half an hour early…and you must drive over the feet of everyone queuing because that’s what always happens to me.
    Andy and I were haveing coffee in a little cafe on Teddington Green once and saw an old bloke approach (on a aforementioned scooter). He took the slope a bit quick and we watched as he turned upside down like an exposed crab.I would have liked to have helped but I was sure he’d flatten my feet the week before whilst queuing for ‘Stitch and Craft’.
    ……yes.yes many people more kind hearted than me got him the right way up….

  2. Is Nick ,the one off The Apprentice ? Did you see it last night – genius.Why did those girls stick together in the zoo- they were like a pack of hyenas.Was it a thematic approach to selling ?

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