The alarm keeps going off on the lean green dream machine- we’re not so popular with the neighbours

It should be renamed ‘The Motorhome & Caravan and Mobility Scooter Show ‘ cos half the punters were on one .If they can’t walk ,God only knows how they get up those steps into their caravans. For the second time in 4 days John and I went to Birmingham .This time it was to The NEC to TMACS. It was great .We wouldn’t rush back ,but we loved climbing ,sitting,standing, checking out the portipottis in all the different campervans . I bought a set of plastic glasses and a microfibre bath robe from the best saleswoman ever …when I showed an interest she said “try one on ,I’ll get you a small”. Just look at me – I have never been small ( even as a baby ) , so I laughed and said I wanted to try on the largest one she had in stock , and she said ” ooh you’re like me- we have long arms” – she was a size 10 .I loved her , so bought a turquoise one . Then we had supper with John’s family and drove home .

Today we’ve been invited out for a late lunch .I love a lunch,late or otherwise .It seems a bit decadent and the wine just seems to slide down .Even better ,we are going to New Maldon , the other guests are coming from Amersham and so we get picked up en route .I’ve just put my finishing touches to my chocolate and cherry trifle a la Delia .It could get messy

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