The beef wellington was fab

7 hours and 40 minutes – was how long it took before Sarah em out for the boys. It wasn’t just random, she wanted to show off her newly acquired suntan ( which we have seen before ), plus she was winning at ‘Contract’ ( which we hadn’t ), plus we were celebrating Richard’s 52nd Birthday, so he needed a treat. All in all it was a dam good day . We drove out to Hurley , home of many a cheesy riverside .Ealing families, end of summer ,picnic,football, skipping, swimming,John’s birthday celebration gathering . The hi light being a huge game of rounders – where Rosie and Helen could usually be found chatting at 3rd base -oblivious of the ball hurtling towards them ,and Matthew Kyle ( or a similar ,super hitter/sprinter ) from the opposing team running past. them .Back to yesterday …….. we then went for a long country plus riverside pre dinner walk . all was going to plan , until we made base camp on a liitle beachy bit of the river , got the flask and the almond slices out , put our faces ( and in some cases – chest ) in the sun , and snoozed for 45minutes.Then we hot footed it to ‘the Olde bell’ , which claims to be the ‘oldest coaching Inn in Britain ‘ -( haven’t you heard that said about most olde coaching inns you go to ?) for a lovely dins and back here for the entertainment.

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  1. Your entry here has triggered off so many memories for us. Hazel said hers was John kicking that rugby ball up to the moon (and with his bad knee) ,Eden remembers being caught out (at the age of 5) and being made to stay out by a ‘grown-up’ It was either Bob or Richard.. I hope you can sleep at night. Jamie, Matthew and Andy were in agony the day that Gerald ‘scythe-legs’ Stevens decided to play footie and I remember yelling to Rosie to ‘go deep’ and seeing the question mark appearing out of the top of her head…

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