The Birds

John and I twitched today , but felt decidedly underdressed ( the opposite of being in Newcastle ). John didn’t have his long lens out and I’d left my bins at home. Yes we had a theraputic walk aound The Wetlands centre. I don’t think we spotted any rare breeds , but i did spot Fulham football Club – thus causing an arguement – John said the floodlights weren’t big enough to be FFC . Once we ‘d eaten our packed lunch ( times are hard and No we didnt throw our sausage rolls to the rare breeds ) , john shot back to the car to get out his latest edition of ‘ Birdspotters weekly’ otherwise known as ‘ The London A-Z .Only to find out we had spotted Fulham FC.

Rosie, Flo and i went to the wetlands years ago , i think we spotted 2 pigeons and a sparrow- who says we’re townies ??

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  1. Rachel, this blog is sooo funny! my dad is the same- has to be right! meant to be doing an essay at the mo but this is way more interesting! xxx

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