The Blue Lagoon will still be blue in a year or two

It was all going great til Saturday……..My Valentine’s night threesome was a hit . Dat Likwid Land was the best JPD production to date . The juxtaposition of Mike Pratt’s sculptures next to Jacob’s film made the exhibition quite unique and I just loved it. Seeing Jacob’s friends- fab . Newcastle, what a city – I could live there . Drinks in The Cumberland Arms, Fish and chips at Marshalls in Tynemouth all gastro and comforting.

Then we came back to London and I went down with the lurgy .The lurgy is fine if you are not booked onto a flight to Reykjavik .I saw the emergency Doc and she advised me not to travel …I was just too hot ,too sore,too weak, too runny ( don’t ask ) , so instead of gazing at Gullfoss, snowmobiling on Thingvellir, eating Hakarl and sipping on Brennivin……..I’ve been gazing at my bedroom ceiling, sliding out the sheets , eating cardboard ( or similar ) with Marmite on it and sipping on ice cubes . And now I have the delight of my insurance forms to fill in

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