The cheese is always more popular than the ham

I think I jinxed Englebert , he came second to last .Thank God for Norway .

Georgina I’m glad you remembered ‘Terror Towers’ so fondly , but do you remember ‘Eden Camp’ where we went the day before to give you the Whole World War Two Experience – I seem to remember a huge protest about that ?

We were at soupy today and there were a few mini-adventures.One woman was banned , there was a moment of near anarchy when the ice cream and tinned fruit came out, we had a Mormon Minister appear who was trying to recruit ( but ended up sitting himself down and eating more than his fair share of cheese butties – don’t think Donny and Marie would do that ) and James got his guitar out and gave us a tune..

Then back for a beer and a barbie – just the two of us .As Rosie would say ‘Aah sweet’.

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  1. No I don’t think I do remember Eden Camp… I’m surprised we protested though, given that at that point “anything but walks” was the aim of the game for us haha – maybe it was too educational!

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