The Compassion Tour

”we have to focus on the promotion of human value .

Human value is about recognising we are all part of the same species. The old thinking about ‘my nation’ and ‘my people’ is outdated .We have to think of the entire humanity as ‘we’.”

and in response to

what is the meaning of life?

”If you can serve other people then do.

If you have no ability to serve than at least avoid harming others. Remain honest and truthful and then many people will be your friend and feel happy. But without honesty, truthfulness and transparency, then even powerful leaders will not be happy.

There are certain things you do not know but if you pretend that you know them your face will become red .If you say ‘I do not know’ , then no problem !”

Wish it was me that said that , but it wasn’t ,it was the Dalai Lama .

5 Replies to “The Compassion Tour”

  1. Don’t worry , it makes me laugh when that happens !
    I know he says such wise things.
    he puts it simply and it just makes sense

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