The Drowned Man

Having relinquished all our worldly goods to the cloakroom attendant and having stuffed our cloakroom tickets down one side of my bra and a twenty pound note down the other ( neither of us had any pockets ) , my friend Jane and I set off ,hand in hand into the darkened 5 floor labyrinth of the fictional and often creepy, ‘Temple Film Studios ‘ . We were ushered into a lift ,handed our white pointy ( creepy ) masks ,which we were instructed to wear at all times and where people were pushed out at different floors , then left to wander in silence and advised to split up . We didn’t , we kept holding hands and I loved it , but God was it weird . We walked in forests, in operating theatres ,in the desert ,in bars ,in film sets, in trailer parks, bedrooms,boardrooms, small towns .We witnessed 2 murders , the most fantastic bar-room hoedown-which ended in a huge brawl, and dancing on top of a series of caravans ( given me new ideas for when we go away in the camper-van ) .Then about two and a half hours in ,we found the bar ( which we had been looking for , since about fifteen minutes in ) .It was brilliantly well hidden .Once there I dug out my warm ,incubated twenty pound note and we drank wine while watching an illusionist and a cabaret act in the set of a nineteen fifties night-club .The attention to detail was superb. Then suddenly we were told the bar was closing and we were asked to leave. I don’t know why ,but the 2 cabaret singers jumped off the stage and made a beeline for Jane and I ( oldest there ?), then grabbed our hands and told us to run ( joke – I hobbled ) with them .They then told us to climb on a pile of boxes for the best view ever .We did and it was . The whole cast of forty ,then did a final dance .It was fantastic – electric-alive-fun-happy .It’s always a good sign ,if I don’t a performance to end , and I really didn’t want it to .But of course it did .The cast ,the dancing , the set ,the atmosphere was some of the best ever .Then Jane and I hopped on the train and in fifty minutes we were back here for a supper and sleepover .

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