the first sentence was written tongue in cheek.

Yesterday was almost a day of peace ,tranquility and enlightenment . A friend took me to The Lumen Church in Bloomsbury .Her daughter is a jazz musician , and because of the wonderful acoustics ,plays many concerts there. It is a building of simplistic beauty The building consists of a whitewashed worship space overlooking a courtyard and houses the most beautiful font I have ever seen – sort of raw white plaster with a silver bowl on top . In the middle ,between the cafe and the worship space is a huge tapered white cave/chimney secluded area for peace and contemplation .It is full of cushions and the the ceiling is tapered to the sky ,and so you can see birds flying overhead . My friend and I went in lay down and we went hysterical with laughter ,calmed down then nearly nodded off ! We then went into the courtyard ,shutting the door behind us . Ten minutes later , and freezing cold ( we’d left our coats in the cafe )we were still banging on the window ,as the door back in wouldn’t open .Not sure if the church was so peaceful and tranquil then . Eventually we managed to find an escape route through the kitchens at the back of the cafe .The staff were pretty surprised when we popped up behind the counter !

Then last night Lizzy from ACE and Emma, who has just spent nearly a year in Kenya and Tanzania , volunteering for ACE ,came to supper .The charity does some fantastic stuff ,and it was good to know ,that through Rosie’s spirit and memory , some people are getting advice,guidance and education enabling them to sustain themselves for the rest of their lives. ( it’s still not right though – she should be with us )

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