The hairdresser

One thing about seeing Grandma she also creates a distraction.Flo and I went over to Brigstock Manor today, she was having her hair cut by a lovely, warm , camp ,chatty European gentleman. Once she’d paid and we went up to her room for a crappacino ( instant /out the packet and theres you thinking BM had a cappacino machine – its NOT quite Carluccios ) and she started talking about him ”Hungry said this , Hungry said that – Hungry was a refugee etc” .When we commented Hungry was an unusual name , she said thats not his name , I can’t pronounce it , so I call him ‘Hungry’ cos he’s from Hungary – thank God he’s not from Kyrgyzstan !

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  1. LOL, you gotta love the old gal!!! I just hope Hungry’s got a sense of humour so he doesn’t revenge himself on her hair #:-)

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