The knees have taken a hammering

They did it !

Judy and Jane ( another TCF ) did it in 9 hours and Hazel in 12.5.

I am so pleased for them , and what a lovely way to remember and celebrate their girls’ lives .

It’s hard enough having a broken heart and sometimes something as simple as putting one foot in front of the other isn’t all that easy , so to climb Ben Nevis is amazing .

It’s made me smile and cos I’m so self aware of my pain, I’m thinking what can I do for Rosie in 2018. , but there again ,I cannot bear to think about 10 years without her .So for reasons of preservation I’ve had to put those thoughts out of my head

Thank you Liz for telling me about your climb .

I googled Croagh Patrick- it looks stunning and how significant to climb a mountain with that name .

How we love the name Patrick . Rosie’s Granddad was called Patrick , her dad, John Patrick and her brother ,Jacob Patrick .

I’m said this before , and it probably sounds really stupid to people who haven’t suffered the devastation of their child dying , but i feel really protective of young people who have died . So you writing about your climb for Patrick , made me think strongly and fondly for him , although we’ve never ever met

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  1. Congratulations to your friends – an amazing accomplishment. Somehow it seems right to do something so tough in honour of your children – I’m in awe of them.

    And, don’t ever forget Rachel, we see you honouring Rosie everyday. That takes courage as well as great love xxxx

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