The last bit is jacob saying what he wants for Sunday dins

1. I’ve got all in a lather with this blog.The one I put on it 20mins ago , was meant for yesterday ( Thursday ) , I thought it had gone on , but the system wouldn’t let it ,as I included a website link for the blog of the 2 guys that are cycling with J& J .

So type in

hank and chuck do Kenya. wordpress. com BUT with WWW. in front and NO GAPS between the words.

It is funny so read it .

2. sterile version of today’s itinerary-On our final day of cycling we head towards Bungoma, home to The Ace we visit the projects and learn about the charity’s vital work in the region.later we transfer to our hotel in the lush Kakamega forest region where we celebrate our achievements.

3.This is the ( brief) email I’ve just had from Jacob-

Hi just went to the school. It was amazzing. Can’t text a long one cos its hard witth the pot holes. Curry beer and ice cream. Please. See you soon love the jigga man. X

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  1. Hank and Chuck sound real characters – have just read their site – what time do John and Jacob return? will there be a welcoming party or are you and Florence going alone?

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