The Leadmill ?Does it still exist ?

Helen C. – I loved Sheffield. Now switch off everyone else ….i lived one year in halls in Totley ( known at the time as ‘the pill on the hill’ as it was a predominately female teacher training college ). 2 years in a shared house in Woodseats and then for my 4th year , when i was at Psalter lane Art College ( now defunct ) i lived in nether Edge. In fact tonight i’m going to see a play ‘Talent’ written by Victoria Wood, which I last saw at The crucible, Sheffield circa 1979 . Where do you live ?

Last night we saw where Jacobs living in Istanbul

More later….bells gone ……………………………

2 Replies to “The Leadmill ?Does it still exist ?”

  1. i have a couple of friends at uni who are from sheffield and frequently mention the leadmill, so yes i think it’s still around. hopefully no one’s told you that already.

    thinking of you and your family always. sorry to be so behind on the blog-reading


  2. ahh rachel sorry i didnt reply sooner we’ve had no internet! south yorkshire solidarity! haha. i think i bore people so much talking about sheffield.
    the leadmill does still exist, its proper popular. and the takeaway up the road does the best cheesy chips in sheffield! isn’t totley a really fancy area? i live in crookes now, broomhill last year.
    hope you’re well xx

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