The Listening Project – on this week

OK this is it .

These are the dates and the times of episodes ,my friend,Mandy and I are going to be on The Listening Project on Radio 4 .

I thought long and hard about flagging them up on the blog .

I feel a bit stupid ,a bit embarrassed even .But as I mentioned before , I was contacted by Louise Pepper , who asked if I would do it and I did .

If anyone does find time to listen I would love to hear what you think – just a little text or email or a course of elocution lessons or a paper bag to put over my head ,would be fine

So here goes

Wednesday 8 Oct

10.55 – Producer Louise Pepper

Rachel and Mandy – Diary Keepers

Friday 10 Oct


Rachel and Mandy – Losing a Child


Rachel and Mandy – Keep On Running

Sunday 12 Oct 14.45

Longer edits of all 3.
”Fi Glover with three snippets from a conversation between friends who became close when Rachel’s daughter died but who still find joy in writing a diary or running for charity, in the Omnibus edition of the series that proves it’s surprising what you hear when you listen.”

9 Replies to “The Listening Project – on this week”

  1. In preparation for the big day ,I bought my chocolate biscuits ,set my timer and checked out Radio Four’s website . On Wednesday ,I saw Mandy and you smiling at me, but ,by Sunday you seem to be have been replaced by a couple of mugs !

  2. Have followed Rosie’s Blog over the years and enjoying hearing your voice on the Listening Project today. Huge hugs x

  3. Thank you everyone for your lovely feedback .These words and the texts have given me a real boost .
    Janis- how wonderful to hear from you .I am so moved you look at Rosie’s website – it means a lot .
    The next TLP will be very different – not sure how I’ll cope listening to it .I wish i could tweak it – but I can’t .

  4. Rachel, I’ve just listened to your first two episodes for the listening project. You continue to astound me with how much you have to offer us all and how much you teach me personally through your sharing of life since Rosie’s death and all the things you grapple with. Please don’t stop, you are amazing xxx

  5. Just listened to the Listening Project and it reaffirms the power of language and friendship. The delight and trust you both have in each other’s company comes across as very powerful. I’ m sure it will give enormous strength to those who have suffered loss. It was brave of you to take part and be so honest with each other.

  6. Just listened to The Omnibus edition. Made me laugh out loud, reminded me of the conversations I have with my friends. I don’t know anyone else who deals with grief with your determination; the sense of ‘owing it to Rosie and Florence and Jacob’ is very strong.

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