The local pear and apple cider didn’t touch the sides

Now ,I could make this a very long story.But I won’t cos you’ll all nod off . So to summarise- we got lost. Thursday was glorious , we checked into The Spread Eagle on The Stourhead Estate and then armed with just one small bottle of water we set off for a stroll round the grounds. We saw grottos,temples,arches, waterwheels, a mock pantheon, pumps, bridges,wells all around the most beautiful lake.We then walked up the valley to St Peter’s Pump and then a further 2 miles up onto the hills to King Alfred’s Tower.So at about 5pm we made our descent and this is where it all went wrong .I opted for a different route through the woods and John commandeered The OS Map. Well we walked up hill, down dale ,all in thick woods,After two and a half hours we decided we were really lost,hadn’t a clue where we were and needed help. We finally stumbled on a solitary house,knocked on the door , by this time it was 7.45, our table in the restaurant was booked for 8.30, and they told us it was a 5 mile walk back to the pub. So being British and stoic ,I did what all sensible people do …cried and said I couldn’t go on , and just to leave me there and I’d dig deep into my survival knowledge of watching 1 episode of Ray Mears( North Pole I think )and eat small fish and drink glacier water. I knew my guardian angel , Rosie , would look after me , then I remembered her disastrous D of E hike , where they came out the pub(?) , turned the wrong way and got terribly lost, so I told her I was OK, but just to keep one eye on me. So occupied in my thoughts ( and the fear of missing dinner ), I nearly missed seeing John throw himself in front of the one passing car , and begging the lady to give us a lift. Before she had time to answer , he had whisked his boots off and was sitting in the back seat. I could have kissed her .John told her she had saved our lives .I added she had saved our marriage.

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