The M section

What we could be more normal than opening your address book at M, to look for a friends’s house number ,to send a card …and then feeling physically sick and sad at the same time ?

Seeing Rosie’s handwriting is a killer .

Like her sketches, it is HER .

I can see her ,feel her ,smell her .

Unlike a photo ,there is movement , grace,chaos, creativity and soul .She is on the page .It winds me .

On page 4 of my ‘M’ section, amongst all my neat entries written within the lines contained within the box headed Name/Address/Mobile/Email , scrawled across 2 boxes are Holly Mills Mob , with a swirly line underneath and then 2 numbers 075******43 and 077******14, then in

further down the page ….Manpreet and 2 more numbers , then further down the page in thick blue running-out felt pen , for no reasons I can possibly understand ‘Sally Tye called ‘.

I can only guess the page was open when Rosie took the call .

I need chocolate – that sort-of helps .

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  1. Dear Rachel, my heart skipped a beat when I read this. I’m imagining that page so vividly and I can only begin to get how winded you must have felt. My love to you, as always xxx

  2. Just read this one! Can really imagine Rosie there quickly scrawling in holly and mon to the family address book. Love that she didn’t keep to the neat lines 🙂

  3. Also why’s holly got two numbers! I reckonise the first one from all the years of reading out numbers call them on the house phone

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