The Missing – a question

Did I miss something in ‘The Missing ‘ ?

Present day ( not to be mistaken with 2014 , long hair , no burns etc ) – the young copper identified the 3rd girl on the roller coaster , phones her parents and ………..then turns up at ‘that’ man’s ( a family friend ) house .

Please tell me what made him go to that house ?

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  1. I thought he went to his house because he’s the public relations Army bod, to see if he knew of any connection with Alice’s disappearance which of course he would be aware of?? The bit with the drill was good! Apart from the bobbing back and forth this is really good stuff.

  2. Just catching up… watched two episodes last night-with a grand designs in between for light relief.We did have to rewind a couple if times to get our head round the plot!

  3. . Who is Adam Gettrick?He’s connected to Lena Garber’s family, but what else do we know about this dreadful man. In case you didn’t recognize him outside of his army uniform – Gettrick is the army’s PR officer.A lot of viewers didn’t spot this initially, because it’s the first time that Gettrick’s appeared without a beret. But this drill happy killer in 2016 is the same man offering a sympathetic ear to Gemma and Sam in 2014 as the press start asking questions about the return of their daughter.Perhaps Gettrick was planting stories with the press about Matthew locking ‘Alice’ in the shed, and even more disturbingly, is Gettrick the third man that Brigadier Stone referred to when talking about his time in Iraq to Baptiste?The young girl in Gettrick’s house looked the right age to be ‘Alice’s daughter. At this stage, the obvious presumption is that Gettrick is the father, an abductor and a rapist.However, with three episodes left and plenty of loose ends in this complex mystery, we suspect that it isn’t quite that simple

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