The most beautiful book in the world

It’s not written in tablets of stone , but at some point , usually the 22nd ,Rosies’ friends come round for supper .

It’s a very loosely , open to interpretation , themed affair . Last night’s was ‘Carry on Camping ‘ , due to us not having a kitchen ( another story ) . Everyone brings a very creative dish . I feel Stu’s ‘chocco slab fluff desert ‘ won a lot of prizes for originality and the classy coc of choice was a good old ,Margherita. We saw the night off with a flagon of Somerset cider called ‘Old Rosie ‘ . Games were played ….Mafia and the Bowl Game . Joe turned up at 12.30 and Holly and Ryan were persuaded to stay the night .

In the past we’ve talked about Rosie , little stories, memories and although we’ve never actually come out and said it , we are all together for her , because we love her .

But last night was different. in her memory The SOC had made a book





It was a complete , wonderful and breath-taking surprise .My words cannot do justice to it . It is beautiful and sad and funny and poignant and on every page there is a specific memory of Rosie , accompanied by a photo .

Let me read you the introduction

”We’ve all been thinking about this year ;how is it that ten years have come and gone How so much has happened and yet how quickly time has passed .Wondering how things might have happened differently and how you know some things would have happened exactly as they did, but with Rosie also there. This is a collection of places, objects and stories that over 40 friends shared with us when asked to think about their lives with Rosie, then and now. Some are old memories , some are new, but every one of them shoes how Rosie is still with all of us ”.

I cannot thank Holly, Laura ,Izzy P. Ryan ,Stu and any other of the collaborators enough – it really is the most beautiful book- I will treasure it always .

And also thanks to Maisie, Georgina,Madeleine, Lisa, Alex ,Ruby , Micheal, Alison, Amie, Emma, Anna, Neelam, Freddie, Amy Tom , Bethany ,Laura, Helen C, Danielle, Laura W, Tariq, Matt ,Charlotte, Nikki, Samara, helen M , Joe, Natalie, Helenka, Katie, Anna D,Fiona, Adam , Anna S, Manpreet , Leo, Liberty and Kate

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