The most common form of death for young men under 45 is suicide- isn’t that terrible ?

I am no TV critic .

I get my recommendations from Stu ( the Island ,First Dates etc ) …we bonded over our love of Fresh Meat and Coach Trip .

My boxed sets from Lorna – Breaking Bad ,The Bridge – last scene series 1 – the most powerful, moving bit of acting i have ever seen on TV . And now , Better call Saul .

and all the other suggestions from the weekend papers.

…….but I loved ,adored ,admired , was moved by Grayson Perry’s ‘All Man’.

I don’t get how at times he dresses as a little girl .But I love the way he listens and talks to people , showing empathy and compassion ,but not condescension .Then there is the end result – the art -WOW, just bloody fantastic .

A friend of mine went into the ballot to stay in the house he designed in Essex .She was picked and her and 3 friends stayed there . You have to look at the website , I cannot describe how wonderful; it looks .Me being a selfish ( jealous) interested old cow ,thought I would apply ..until I saw the price £ 1,000 for 3 days .Now it is not quite so up my strasse

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  1. I just looked at the website – that house is amazing and I want to stay in it now – saving my pennies already.

  2. I’m going to see an ‘Artist talk’ with Grayson Perry at a festival in June. I didn’t know him until we saw that program with him, when we stayed with you. I thought he was really good with the people he interviewed and very respectful to their situation and then made the most beautiful pieces of art about them. I really look forward to seeing him live 🙂

  3. Wow ,let me know what he is like.
    I agree the way he communicates with people is brilliant .It is not about him , and he does not patronise them .I love their responses to his art too .

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