The Olympics

They were wonderful weren’t they , for everyone …for the competitors ,for the viewers, for the volunteers ( I put my name down in 2006 – withdrew in 2009 ), for London , for Great Britain . The Opening and Closing ceremonies , had mostly fantastic ,magical,stuff …with a few blips ( Annie Lennox , George Michael’s 2nd song , Russell Brand to name a few ), but the people I looked out for were Gemma Gibbons,Tom Daley and Sarah Stevenson . To be so young and to have had your Mum, Dad ,or in Sarah’s case ,both ,die, must be terrible and what very few people ‘get’ about our grief ,is that it exhausts you . Which makes me think I’m going wrong somewhere…must dash , just off for my first pole vaulting lesson.

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  1. I was rather worried Posh’s hair extensions might blow away or her heel might get stuck in her dress- now that would have been a shame .

  2. Totally agree with you about George Michael’s second song. Apart from that I have loved it all and have recorded most of it to watch in th winter when I can relive it all again and pretend not to know if Mo gets there .Only managed to get tickets for the mens Football Final at Wembley which was brill and caught the 297 home , back in 30mins :0)Proved how unfit I am when trying to run from our view point in Hyde Park round to the south side of the Serpentine to see the Brownlee Bros get their medals. I was quite glad the ceremony was delayed,it took me an hour to get my breath back…..

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