The only way is Ess..

Ninety years ago little Grace Joan Brown was born in Essex ( when there was not a bottle of fake tan or a white stilletto in sight ), just plenty of fields , her Dad Joe, and her battleaxe of a mother. I’m not going to write her life history ( mainly cos I don’t know half of it ), but she left Essex ,worked in Rene and Bill’s pub , met Geoffrey(who was also a Brown , so she never had to change her name) did her nurses training, married, moved to Norbury and had Richard , Jane and me. Life has not been easy for her, but she has a strong will ,a strong heart and a lot of friends and family to live for.

Her party on Sunday was lovely .Richard and ALL his family came from Denmark.The food was fusion , Ploughmans meets Indian.We had photos of her, from the age of 2 all around the room. Victoria and Florence made a fabulous cake, we sat in the sunshine.I made a short speech ( it was to be longer , but I broke down , before I’d even mentioned Jane and Rosie who should have been with us all ), we drank pink fizz and ended with a sing song…

Today Richard,Lise,Nic,Sarah ,Kristian,Thor,Frig and Gro are going to see her.

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