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Do you have a ritual when you read the weekend papers ? In that aspect of our lives , John and I are 100% compatable. He goes for news, sport,business, money. I go for family,travel,weekend mag and entertainment guide- so everyone’s happy. Last night we got in from supper at Terracotta, a local little Italian deli/restaurant. Fab food, fab company- Clare and Bob. The classic Lemoncellos on the house , Jacob’s liqueur of choice, Amaretto,back at the Fletchers house and then home for the papers.Sadly , I even have a ritual when I read the Guardian Weekend magazine – Blind date followed by , restaurant review followed by Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipe followed by your pictures…your letters …..Q&A.**…Experience. It was at Q&A it all went wrong. It was Kirsty Young’s this week. dam good photo, she looks beautiful . Q: What is your greatfest fear ? A:My daughters becoming serously ill. Q: What is the closest you’ve come to death A: I had bacterial meningitis in my mid 20’s. that was pretty close.

After that , I couldn’t read on . I felt that pysychological punch in my gaping open broken heart .

** I know Edward Steven’s of Hanwell reads Q&A , as I have read his complaint on ‘Your Letters ‘ as to how trite it is becoming !

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  1. Ah Rachel, the minute I emailed into Q+A Mum said…’I’ll expect a text from Rachel, she’s the weekend papers oracle’. I did feel compelled to write after Snoop Dogg, I think that was scraping a new low but luckily things have improved recently with Kirsty Young (must be said in booming Scottish accent) and Jeanette Winterson etc…btw, I know you’re one for a show tune (must try and see Sweet Charity after your glowing review and my drama teacher used to teach Tamsin), so are you watching Glee? If not, do it now. Drop everything. Go on 4oD and catch up, I guarantee you will love it! xx

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