The Prodigal Son

Have you F5’d? Isn’t that such a beautiful photo of Rosie running over Brooklyn Bridge , laughing with Oliver ?

‘This years Love ‘, by David Gray really is a beautiful song . You really have to ask Helen the whole story , but I think the 2 of them used to light the candles, make tea and toast and play it after a night out .It’s also on Rosie’s video ,just before The Mystery Jets.

Laura , I’m going to nominate you for next years ‘so you think you can dance’ – no excuses – Rosie would be so proud.

I’m just off to kill the fatted calf – AF returns home tomo – yippee.

2 Replies to “The Prodigal Son”

  1. pretty glad i have friends like georgie to advertise for me eh?

    rachel, i have sent you an email but just wanted to add that i was so moved by the amount and wanted to you to know that it hadn’t passed me by.


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