The Promise

Do they do evening classes in high-wire, contortanist, acrobatics while singing ,bouncing off someones head,then landing on another persons feet, juggling ping pong balls from your mouth, landing , falling down a hole, getting up , jumping off a spring, throwing yourself off a fabric wall, making a human pyramid then jumping onto another moving human pyramid ,doing the splits ( no probs with that one ), twinkling in the dark , while looking amazingly beautiful ? Why ? Because I think I need a couple before I apply to join The Cirque Du Soleil troupe…OK , maybe just the one. John , Florence and I went to see ‘Varakei’ last night , it was jaw droppingly amazing. It is about the 5th different CDS I’ve seen and every time I’m blown away. In my book it rates as highly as a Gay Musical for PDT ( positive distraction therapy – nothing to do with my hormones ).If you can – go and see it.

Then this morning I woke from a beautiful dream of Rosie, friends and me in a swimming pool. It was so real , it broke my heart , over again , to know she wasn’t here. It put me in a deep dark place . I then listened to Gok Wan’s Desert island Discs. Out of the 8 , he chose 2 Tracey Chapman songs. Jane loved Tracy Chapman. His final song, TC’s ‘The Promise’ threw me completely , it is so so so beautiful and all I could do was cry and yearn for Rosie.

Tonight, Florence’s culinary skills brought me back to earth with a bang- the aroma of Tempura Veg frying in the kitchen, instilling a fear ( or thrill ) of another visit from our friends at ealing fire Station !

The 3 amigo’s are off to see ‘The Woman in Black ‘ tonight. Have you read the book- it’s brilliant…and short ?

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  1. Yeah we read woman in black in 6th form, i loved it but shat myself, so scary!
    We went to see it with school and it was just as scary. Izzy, Rosie and I kicked off the evening with a £1 pizza in northfields, and then sat together in the theatre. There is one point in the play where almost everyone in the theatre jumps from fright and sure enough all three of us did. But when we came out of the theatre Rosie was giving it “god you two were SO dramatic holding onto each other and jumping, i was even that scared!” Sure rosie, surrreeee….

  2. oh G thank you for reminding me about that evening. I love stumbling across memories you didn’t realise you had. Rosie was quite critical about it. i think she saw it as ‘cheap thrills’ getting the audience to scream and awh.

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