The Roebuck is still standing so we had a couple of farewell drinks sitting in our snug spot of 38years ago

Had a trip down memory lane yesterday returning to my old stomping ground of learning ( joke ..the words ‘enough’ and ‘just’ ,spring to mind ) , Sheffield .

I went there by default ..was meant to be going to Bristol , got crap A level results ,went through clearing and went to Sheffield Poly .

At first I found the city an enigma .No underground system ,it rained every day and I could see cows out of my window . I cried ,I was sad and so I phoned Grandma .As you can imagine , she was totally unsympathetic and told me to get on with it and she’d see me at Christmas – if I’d left enough money to pay the fare home !

Then I grew to love it … the friendly people, my mates, the pubs, the city , the markets ( esp the deformed chicken stall ) the buses that ran every minute and cost about 5p , the snow – the city ,like Rome ,is built on 7 hills and so when it snows everything comes to s halt , the Peak District , the walks ,the climbs , the was fantastic .

So yesterday ,I went back .

My dear friend,Ian, met me at the station and he drove me round everywhere. Our old Hall of residence at Totley – un recognisable ..probably because it has been bulldozed down and turned into a housing estate .The chippy an organic artisan (ie expensive) bakery .Psalter lane Art College ,where I spent my fourth year hanging out with the members of Human League ,Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle ( actually I just spotted them the other side of the canteen ) , also flattened and now a block of flats .

But the good old Barrel at Bretton is still standing .So we had a fabulous lunch at the top of one of the highest peaks and looking down over the village of Eyam and the most magnificent, rugged view

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  1. Oh my goodness Rachel-we are likes passing ships-I was there on Monday-just shopping at john lewis-never shopped there as a student!! Last month we took Mags to see the University-it rained all day-and that brought back memories, but the best bit was walking up a now quite smart West Street and explaining to my 17year old the joys of the PyjamaJump!!!
    You never mentioned Cobnar gardens. I took Katy to show her my student digs before she took on a shared house-it too has been bulldozed and had houses built on it!! What good times we had there!
    And whilst you were driving round Sheffield I was walking round the Tower looking at ceramic poppies(in the rain) but well worth the trip down from Lincoln

  2. Funny ,we talked about the Pyjamam jump , that first night at The bier keller and how i met you on day 2 when wesat next to each other on that coach trip round the peak District .We stopped for Bakewell Puddings and it pissed it down the whole time .
    We didn’t have time for Cobnar Gardens ,but went to Briar Road- where Trevor fell through the ceiling when we were paying sardines in the dark.
    As for Cole brothers ( John lewis ) only memory of that was taking my class in during my 3rd teaching practice and one of my students blowing his nose on the end of a roll of fabric.I’ve never shot out of anywhere so fast !
    We really did have good times- after the shock of the rain ,cows and lack of tube trains- I loved every second of it.

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