The Ross Bros

No Adam, the ticket was in a bright yellow plastic wallet stuck in the middle of my windscreen. Its not a good thought , that I didn’t even notice it til the following morning.

So apart from torching our only little excuse for a car , what should I do ?

Bumped into Paul Ross today , he’s passing on all my love to his brother Johnnie. It was a year ago last night ( except its filmed on a Thursday ) , that Rosie went to see him . His guests were CCS and Sienna Miller. She was pissed of as she missed Jamie T by one week.

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  1. Which? says:
    Wrong details on the parking ticket
    My parking ticket doesn’t include the correct registration number for my car. Can I appeal?
    When issuing a parking ticket, parking attendants must record a number of details, including the registration number and colour of the vehicle. These details must be correct for the ticket to be valid.
    If the registration number or colour is recorded incorrectly, the parking ticket is invalid. However, if the parking ticket error is slight – such as the vehicle colour noted as being grey instead of silver – a parking adjudicator may decide that the details are close enough for the parking ticket to be valid.
    So it looks like cough up…..sorry.

  2. and by the following week was will smith and jay-z. Fun day out with me rosie patrick and izzy- a once in a blue moon crew.

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