The song of the Dutch holiday was “I feel like I’m in Love” by Kelly Marie ***

My journeys were lovely and exciting and happy and safe and now it’s half-term ( which is great ) ,but I’m full of snot ( which isn’t so great as it’s accompanied by my eyes being half closed , my temperature dropping , and an overwhelming sense of weediness) .

So I’m going to put my jamas on ,fill my hottie-bottie , pour a Jamesons and bed down on the settee to watch ‘Catastrophe’ ( my fave ) , ‘Cucumber’ and ‘Broadchurch ‘…

and when I’m feeling up to it I might regale you with tales of …

Cleaning, washing ,waiting on tables, long walks on the seafront , 4 train journeys ( the 2 latter activities made even more special as some students had never been on a train or seen the sea ). jolly japes , late night TV , 3 course breakfasts, lunches and dinners and then the hi-light of the trip to Foxes Academy – a late night MacDonalds -my students loved it .As for the staff,we haven’t been into a MaccyDs since we were in the Minehead over two years ago!

Then it was back to work for a touch of Mindfulness

Then up with the lark and off to Dam .

Dam was so bloody dam good .

It was fabulous we were all together and even more fabulous to have a kitchen boat disco til 3am on Saturday night .

I can’t begin to name the beers we drank ,the games we played, the walks we went on , the sand-dunes we climbed ,the breakfasts that Si and Flo cooked up for us , the rugby we watched ,the art we saw , the book-launch some of us went to , the unpronounceable night-caps we had , the fondues we dipped in to , the live -music we jigged to , the beach at Zandvoort we walked along ,the swanky bar in Haarlem . that Jacob and Freya found for us , the pants we found behind the TV etc etc

and on top of all that ,we all fell in love….with Rico …our houseboat .

Didn’t even have to take my Sea-legs.

***The hot of the Somerset holiday was anything by JLS or One Direction

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