The Southend Academy

‘Hi John, Just heard about your ride and more money for the Rosie Fund – terrific! I saw the art class when I was out there last year and it is just wonderful what your memorial to Rosie is doing for all those kids! When one sees what they get from their art teaching compared to not having it one realises just how life changing it is for them. They will all be enriched people from it, for all their lives. Thanks for all your commitment to ACE!! Fran’

John received this email from Fran , who is a Treasurer at Ace . I thought you might like to read it .It is not us patting ourselves on the back .God only knows ,we would have never chosen the path that’s taken us to setting up this fund.It is just to keep you all in the loop and to show that all the money you have donated, does make a difference .From the bottom of my heart ,I thank you.

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  1. Rachel,my dear , you do not have to thank us .It’s just a little thing we can do .We do it for Rosie – she will never be forgotten

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