The Sting revisited

I know Georgina, I played terribly , BUT , I still didn’t come last ( any ideas as to who did ? ).

I was up with the wet larks and into the pool , and had done 50 lengths by 7am. I’m starving now , but holding on for a ‘full English’ with my friend Paul.

What a pile of dross on BGT ( not big gin and tonic ). Flawless were the best.

Oh my God, I nearly signed off without mentioning ‘Come dine with me ‘ …it was from Seward Road ( runs parrallel with Coldershaw ) last night . Thank you our 2 local ace detectives , Lorna and Fifi Day for alerting us. I thought the meal looked yummy and the guy was laid back- he was even spotted purchasing from Mr Charismatic ( not ) himself . in Richardsons the Butchers.Apart from my encounter with Helen Lederer , its the nearest I’ve got to Dave Lamb.

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  1. I have to admit that I am a late follower of ‘Come Dine with Me’ but did watch it yesterday because it was so local-I’m beginning to understand the cult that is Dave Lamb-don’t think that I have sniggered so much ages.

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