The wisdom of Fred

I know in the grand scheme of worry and fear and grief ,your vari-focal glasses snapping in half and in order to be able to see ,your handyman ( John) has to gaffer-tape them to an old pair of his and so you look like a cross between Joe 90 and a deep-sea diver , is nothing ,but it sort of tips you over the edge ( and I mean emotionally ,not the weight of the dam things ) .

So at times like these many people turn to ‘Ted Talks ‘…..but not me ,I turn to ‘Fred Talks’.

Yes ,the inspiration that is Fred, the maitre d’ off ‘First Dates.

I love Fred ,I love ‘First Dates’ and for this series I think he’s been away and swallowed ‘The big fat cheesefest book of love quotes’.

I think my favourite being

”Food makes no difference to the date.One person can be steak and chips and the other a salad and they’ll still love each other .”

Not if he nicked my chips, I bloody well wouldn’t !

4 Replies to “The wisdom of Fred”

  1. Are you watching The Island Rachel? It’s been a perfect replacement for Fresh Meat monday night viewing xx

  2. Funnily enough I have it taped and still have last Fresh Meat to watch .
    I’ve got totally bogged down with The Bridge- I love love love Saga …and now I am in love with Martin too .
    Then it’ll be catch-up with all the taped stuff !

  3. I haven’t seen The Bridge. You would definitely enjoy the island but be warned, there are some very annoying sexist men on it..the girls are great though.

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