The world has gone mad for it to have gone this far

This time roughly ( November 4th 2008 ) eight years ago ,all was well with the world.

Everyone in 106 ,including Kiri our American student, were celebrating Barack Obama’s victory .

Rosie and Florence were celebrating catching Kiri red-handed pinching food out of our fridge .

Girl’s Aloud were No.1 ( who cares ?).

Now it’s all gone tits up and I ‘m a bit scared – I don’t want to wake up tomorrow and hear a rich , racist ,sexist,perverted,bigoted madman is fronting one of the most powerful countries in the word…. and I thought Brexit was bad enough

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  1. I think any sane person stands by you in that Rachel. I have had an anxiety pit in my stomach for days caused not only for all the reasons you identify but also because of the economists’ predictions of a major global recession as a direct result of this madman’s election and the very real likelihood of escalated global violence. My fingers are crossed tightly, hope yours are too (even while you sleep!)xxx

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